One of the most common issues that arise for people seeking counselling, is difficulty in expressing anger when it is appropriate (instead of ‘backing down’) or without it leading to a violent outburst.

Anger is an emotion that all human beings experience. But when it becomes uncontrollable,  as with rage and violent behaviour, it leads to an unworkable experience, which can have unfavourable outcomes in life.  

Internalising feelings of anger in order to protect loved ones leads to the sufferer becoming isolated as they emotionally shut down in an effort to retain control. Issues with anger management often have a severe impact on the sufferer.  It affects their family, friends and work relationships, often with long lasting consequences.

‘If you are ashamed to stand by your colors, you had better seek another flag.’  

~ Author Unknown ~

Counselling for anger provides tools to help people express their anger in positive and productive ways.  It assists them to express themselves without becoming angry/physically violent.

With an emphasis on increasing self-confidence, Fabienne aims to use counselling to develop the skills necessary to find healthy outlets for emotions like anger. Good anger management leads to a happier and more balanced outlook, which enables a person to excel in both their personal and professional lives. 

If you feel that you or another person is at risk as a direct result of your anger issues,
you should seek professional help immediately.