Grief and loss will occur in the life of every single person.  Anyone  given the privilege of love and friendship will experience loss of the same.  Grief is a natural by-product of a rich and full life.

‘Everyone who lives long enough to love deeply will experience great losses. Don’t let fear of loss, or the losses themselves, take away your ability to enjoy the wonderful life that is yours.’  

~ Barbara ‘Cutie’ Cooper, ‘Fall in Love for Life’ ~

Grief is not always related to the loss of loved ones through death or the end of a relationship.  It can be experienced in many different circumstances; the loss of a job, the loss of a lifestyle, the loss of a social group, the loss of status or wealth, the loss of a pet, the loss a dream.  We cannot travel through life without experiencing loss in various  forms.  

Experiencing loss is an intense and painful process. But through this pain comes growth and hope. Fabienne is an experienced grief and loss counsellor.  She is committed to guiding her clients through times of grief and loss, because nobody should have to face this alone.  With counselling, Fabienne believes that everyone can find their way through their grief to experience joy and hope once more.